BA in Psychology

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BA in Psychology

Touro College Berlin

This comprehensive Bachelor’s program provides education on several aspects of psychology including social, abnormal, cross-cultural, clinical and industrial. The degree will offer students a solid foundation for future study or to advance into a career in the field.

The American psychology program focuses on understanding human behavior and the way we think. This degree includes a required completion of general education studies including classes on history, political science, philosophy, literature, or business.

A general education not only contributes to the growth of a cultivated, well-rounded and well-informed human being, it also provides a strong foundation for further education and career advancement opportunities. A broad education offers you full access to a Master’s degree within the American university system.

Key Information

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start Dates: Fall Semester: Late August, Spring Semester: February
  • Location: Campus am Rupenhorn
  • Fees: For the first semester, there is a flat fee of €4500. At the beginning of the second semester, it is a per credit rate. For fewer than 12 credits (1-3 courses*), the tuition fee is calculated using a per credit charge of € 400. For 12 or more credits, the fee is €350 per credit.

Entry Requirements

Abitur, High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent.

Program Structure

  • US Degree Track (120 American college credits)
  • Required General Education (40-44 American credits)

  • Electives (55 credits, 25 must be in Liberal Sciences)

  • Required Psychology Courses (22 American credits)

  • Four Electives (12 American credits)

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Última actualização November 20, 2017
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Out. 2018
4 anos
Alemanha - Berlin, Berlim Região
Data inicial: Out. 2018
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Out. 2018
Alemanha - Berlin, Berlim Região
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